Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Indiana License to Carry laws? has a great overview at the following link:

Who may take the class?

Anyone may take the class including those who reside in other states and foreign nationals. However, you must meet certain state requirements to receive your license. The requirements are that you must be at least 21, a permanent U.S. resident and pass several background checks.

How do I apply for my license?

You'll begin the application process online with the Indiana State Police, then schedule an appointment for fingerprinting, and finally visit your local law enforcement agency to complete the process. You must complete the process within 90 days of initial application.

Can I fail the class?

The only way to fail the class is to intentionally violate one of the gun safety rules. Safety is the primary concept taught in the class and must be followed at all times.

What should I bring to the class?

All students should bring: lunch, water/beverage, pen and notebook.

Students planning on shooting should also bring: eye/ear protection and a brimmed hat.

Advanced students should also bring: Handgun (no subcompacts, minimum 10 round capacity) chambered in .380, 9mm, .40, or .45, an outside the waistband holster, at least two magazines, magazine pouch, 250 rounds of ammo, and a sturdy belt.

Additional items you may want to bring: rain gear and bug spray.

What if I don’t have a handgun?

No gun, no problem. Choose the Basic class option and a handgun and ammo will be provided for your us.

Can I take the class if I’ve never fired a gun?

Absolutely. The class covers shooting fundamentals and the operation of a handgun. You will leave the class knowing the basics of shooting.

In what states is my license valid?

See the map in the Classes tab. Click on any state in this reciprocity map to see the states where that license is honored.

How long is my license valid?

Indiana licenses are valid for 4 years, but lifetime licenses are also available.

When I get my license, should I carry a handgun?

Carrying a loaded gun is not meant to bring some excitement into your life. When you carry a concealed handgun, you take on an extra burden and a significant responsibility to yourself, your family and your community. You carry the means to protect life and deal out death. You will be held to a higher standard of conduct.

If you cannot accept this responsibility, adapt your lifestyle, and make a significant commitment to training, you should not carry a handgun. You will be a risk to yourself and those around you.